The Want: Debut Novel

After a freak accident took her father’s life, 6 year old Katya Stevens swore she would never speak of ghosts, monsters or “weird things” again. Now eighteen, Katya has led a normal life any teenager would be envious of – popular, pretty and dating the high school elite. But when Mount St. Helen explodes and an ash cloud a mile high roasts the city of Seattle, signaling an ongoing shift of Earth’s tectonic plates that science cannot explain, Katya wonders if her past will once again return to haunt her.

 No sooner does the world begin to end than a power within her makes itself known. Suddenly she can see unearthly creatures and manipulate waves of energy. It’s a power that attracts unwanted attention and crushes Katya’s carefully crafted world. She reluctantly finds herself in the company of Gregor, a handsome member of an elite military team of cops called the Kyrios. It is then she learns who is behind the catastrophes, a group known as … THE WANT. Gregor doesn’t understand why, but their numbers are increasing and time is running out to restore the balance, for THE WANT are determined to destroy the world.

 With her power growing more powerful each day, Katya teams with Gregor to train and to help the Kyrios. But the simple decision to help has dire consequences – absorption, betrayal, or death. With her normal life fleeing out the door and the battle threatening her family, Katya must decide to either run and hide or pick up her weapon and fight.

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