Why Romance is an Important Part of Any Story.

I love sci-fi/fantasy but I am a sap for a love story.

I can’t see a story without some passion within it. It’s one of the reasons I love my husband because he is as sappy as me and loves a good rom-com (did I mention he’s a scriptwriter?).

Fantastical elements are wonderful pieces to a story but to read and understand a love story, unrequited or not, connects with readers. Because we all have been there. Maybe we fell in love with someone we weren’t supposed to. Or someone out of our league. Or loved someone and experienced loss.

The emotions of love, passion, desire, and lust are a part of the human experience and when we read about characters, perfect or otherwise, exhibiting these emotions, we can connect.

We connect sympathetically. And if an author is really good, empathically.

As much as I enjoy writing about fantasy, action and overall excitement, I don’t think I will ever be able to completely divorce myself from having some romance. I have other series that are waiting backstage and even those will have romance elements to it.

But it’s my firm belief that love is the great equalizer because it’s never easy. My characters Katya and Gregor show you that clearly. Some readers might say why add it at all? It’s not to say that the story needs their romance but it makes it so much better. It allows characters to grow and show depth. The romance shows Gregor, though a Grim Reaper, is still capable of exhibiting human emotions. It is my hope that his story resonates with you, the reader. That as you learn about him and his struggles, you won’t see him as a perfect spiritual being, but as a flawed one. And that our flaws follow us and make us who we are. But the romance spotlight allows you to explore him as a character.

Love  – it may be cheesy but it’s great to read about it.


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Black Girls can be the Mother of Dragons too…

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I don’t know about you but I love Mhysa. Sorry, my geek is showing – let me start over.
I love Game of Thrones. There are so many great characters in the hit HBO show (yes I know it’s a book but I’m focusing on the show). My particular favorite is Daenerys Targaryen. If you know the show, perhaps she’s a favorite of yours too. If you aren’t – come join us on the other side. You know you’ll like it…
But all jokes aside, Dany is considered a fierce and beguiling leader who has continuously been treated differently because she is a woman. And time and time again, she surprises her adversaries, both men and women, about how calculating and powerful she can be using her skills. It’s always liberating to see this and not be thrilled she surpasses expectations.


Let me start by saying this is NOT a slight on Dany. Remember, she is my favorite. However, what I continue to see throughout the show is the lack of people of color in leadership roles. We can easily point to two people: Dany’s lead general Grey Worm and Missandei her advisor. But even that, they are subservient to Dany.

It makes me think of the question: Why can’t a black girl be the Mother of Dragons?

this-woman-is-the-real-life-version-of-daenerys-t-2-11473-1436306890-5_dblbigArtemis Faye / Via Facebook: paainfully

I, for one, am a self-proclaimed black girl nerd. Have been one all my life. I have devoured books about magic, dragons, knights, princesses, bad ass fighters and the like. And it pains me to think back and not remember one protagonist that featured a black female in the forefront.

And it seems like the science fiction and fantasy genres are a diversity desert. Even when black females make up a great market share of buyers absorbing pop culture including science fiction and fantasy. But it is a rarity to see that reflected in the literature or movies within this genre.

It was one of the reasons that I purposely wanted to put my main character, Katya on the cover of my book. She is strong black female character sporting an intimidating stance with a sword in hand ready to strike. And I can tell you it already has resonated with many girls within the black girl nerd community (yes, there is one).

It may take a while for this genre to represent the readers that love it without question, I will do my part and help out the sci-fi/fantasy community by putting out more books with more leading black female characters along with an international cast of characters supporting her.

Because a black girl can DEFINITELY be the Mother of Dragons. And it will be my greatest achievement to make that a reality.

Things Are Happening! Freebies, Giveaways and Interviews!

One of my favorite shows is 30 Rock. Liz Lemon’s character, in my opinion, is one of the funniest characters in comedy. About every year, I’ll rewatch the entire series and I just noticed that I watch it when things are going excitedly well.

I’m watching the series now because “things are happening!”


My SugarCane Publishing team have been hard at work getting the word out for Awoke and it is starting to pick momentum this weekend.

  • Press releases are done and set for international journalists.
  • Preview copies are in the mail. The moment I get my finished copy in my hand, I’m freaking out. I told my husband to record me so I can laugh at myself later.
  • We’re doing a Goodreads giveaway for five signed copies!
  • A 75-page preview of the book is available on BookGrabbr.

But what I’m most excited for are the interviews!

Saturday the 19th I’m recording a podcast with the fabulous guys of Cashmere Thoughts and Polyester Pockets

Also Saturday I’ll be speaking live on Vigilantes Radio (TW: @VigilantesRadio) with host Dini (@whodiniblakin3d) at 11PM CST. If you wanna call in, here’s the information.

Then Sunday, I’m being interviewed by Dream Chasers Radio at 7pm.

There are few more in the works (still classified) but of course I’ll keep you all posted!

I’m just beyond excited 😊 and I can’t wait to see how the rest of the month and September shapes up to be!

Be on the lookout!!


K. T.

To the Man Who Said To Go Kill Myself

Dear Jackass on 42nd Street:

I’m not sure what happened to you today before you met me on the street. I’m not sure what had you staring at me particularly hard on the street this afternoon. You were on your way somewhere. So was I. We had several feet dividing us. Even on the sidewalk we would have never even brushed against each other. But for some reason, today, your eyes were directed towards me. 

Again I don’t know what you expected to find on the street today. I’m not sure if you thought that walking on 42nd Street meant that you were going to come across the most comely of people. That’s not the 42nd Street I have come to know in the past 5 years of living in NYC. My experience of 42nd Street have taught me that many different types of people traverse on this road. Homeless. Wealthy. Men. Women. Children. Young. Old. Eccentric. Crazy. Cranky. Rude. Kind. Accepting. 

For me, you fell into the Rude Cranky Man category. 

Because in the few moments that I came across you, you decided that you didn’t like the sweatshirt I was wearing. The black leggings I was wearing. Or the black skull cap I was wearing. I’m taking a guess here that you didn’t like my hair being in a twist braid around the crown of my head.  Nor that I wasn’t wearing any makeup and I wasn’t afraid to show the impurities on my face. The acne scars. The weeks of fatigue from working a high stress job. I wasn’t afraid to show that because I was on my way to a facial. 

No matter what the reason, my looks offended you. My looks offended you to the point of you screaming at me saying:

You sure is ugly. Good God, you are so ugly, you should just kill yourself now. Cuz no one could ever want to be with you.”

You may not have cared about how I felt because again you probably fall into the Cranky Rude Man category. But I’ll let you know. I was appalled. Confused. Shocked. Pissed came actually a few hours later. You’d think I’d feel hurt. But I never did. It made me immediately feel indignant. 

Indignant because it brought me back to all the times that men have told me I need to smile while on the street. Or if I have ignore their advances, I’m a bitch. Or if I focused on something, then I have “resting bitch face.”

Guess what, Cranky Rude Man? 

I am not here on this God-given earth for your enjoyment.

No one asked you to look. No one asked you to critique. Because you are a man, that automatically gives you the right to critique my looks and if they are not up to par by your own standards, then I should kill myself? Do you not hear the arrogance in your voice? That you a man with your own faults and failings would demand that I, a woman, who you deem unworthy of love to kill myself?

I should also include you in one more category. 


You’ve probably heard that a lot in our political discourse but you truly are the epitome of the word “sad.” You’re sad because your life must be going so shitty that you feel as if you need to spew hateful things to random strangers just to pass on the hurt along. You are Sad, Cranky Rude Man. 

I could have spewed hateful ugly things back at you. They were on the roof of my tongue. But my first immediate response to you if you heard it was “I’m married sweetie, thanks!” You probably said some more things to me but I didn’t hear it. I just called my husband once I got into the spa I was talking towards and told him all about what happened. 

And he reaffirmed to me the beauty that he saw in me softening my heart again. If only the world could be enclosed in love ten times more than the hate…

So Sad Cranky Rude Man, though I didn’t say it at the time, in the deepest part of my heart have two messages for you:

1. Whatever is your problem, fix it before you try to enter into the world where other real people live. 



K. T.

Getting Back in the Game

Hey family,

You must be looking at me and saying…”Who are you again? Oh aren’t you that girl who disappeared like seven (7) months ago?”

As I hang my head in shame, I admit it – yes, I disappeared. But I did have good reasons! The move to NY, getting back into the school game and just getting used to the new lifestyle can really suck out a girl’s motivation to get back into the game.

But today, I can honestly say, I am fired up again! About everything! It was like this: Imagine you have the ability to eat you favorite ice cream everyday. And you do and you can’t get enough of it. But…then you do get enough it. You kinda have to put it back in the freezer, forget about it for awhile and then you realize how much you love it again. I’ve written about this before (Having An Arranged Marriage…With Your Work) and  I just needed to find my mojo again. With a couple of conferences coming up, the mojo is getting ready to go at it!

I will be posting more frequently in the next couple of months. I have big plans for the novel which I will announce in due time. I have not abandoned it! I’m getting back to it and getting back into the game!

Are you ready to rumble??

Quickie – I AM ALIVE!

Yes, it has been just about a month since I have update the blog. Family, crazy things have been happening and I am still reeling from them. AND they aren’t done yet so please bear with me. Until then, enjoy the musical stylings of Calvin Harris and Ne-Yo….This song absolutely embalms my exact feelings! Let’s Go!

A much meatier post will be coming soon enough!

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