The Villain in my Book is Coming to Life and It’s Freaking Me Out.

Everyone says that they take a page out of real life to write about in their fiction. I never expected my fiction to become eerily real life.

Let me explain…

My debut book is called “Awoke” and its part of a triology called “The Want Series.” The Want are human souls turned monsters. The Want embody human feelings – the detestable kind. In the book, I break them down to the Six of the Seven Deadly Sins:

Greed, Gluttony, Lust, Wrath, Envy, and Pride.

In my book, I call them – Cravers, Stuffers, the Thirsty, Wreckers, Wishers, and Posers.

These negative feelings, perpetuated in life and that continues in death in form of the Want, alter our atmosphere. In other words, the Want are spiritual embodiments of these deadly sins and the more that we are influenced by these feelings and continue to harbor them, our world is affected by it. The negative feelings affect nature itself.

My characters suffer from earthquakes in unlikely places. Uncontrolled fires ravage people homes. Droughts destroy fields and livestock. Superstorms (both rain and snow) become the norm. Typhoons send walls of water into a few cities.

Do you see where I am going to with this?

More and more people become less concerned with the needs and necessities of their fellow man than they are of getting the new iPhone. So many of us, including me, have buried our noses in our phones and social media and have taken passive roles in the sufferings and heartache of our fellow world citizens. Colder. Selfish. Self-absorbed.

I originally wrote about this five years ago!

My greatest fear is that the villain that I wrote about it is not really fiction, but reality. Could it be that if we took an altruistic attitude towards people and the earth that sustains us, that we could reverse the unfathomable phenomena that we suffer from today?

Maybe I will write about it in my next book so it can come true too…

Originally posted on Rockin’ Book Reviews.

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