Back in the Game (Part Deux)

You know, it has been a REALLY long time since I’ve been on here. Like ridiculously long. And I could give excuses like the demanding legal job, losing that job to getting another demanding job to general life stuff…but who wants to hear about that?

That’s old and boring. So we won’t go down that route. 

Let talk about what’s new! A couple of things. It’s only taken me about 4 years, but I’ve taken my novel, polished as best as I could and finally sent it out to agents.
First let me say, the book has gone over a serious makeover. No longer called The Balancer but The Want. More unexplained phenomena with earthquakes, tsunamis, and even people. I’ve ripped apart twice, had editors look it it, rip it apart a third time and I’ve come to the nitpick stage. They usually say if you are there, it probably no more you can do with it.  
Even with the nerve-wracking fear of rejections, there is a particular beauty and sense of accomplishment to seek to sell your work. To say that I’ve written a novel and I’m sending it out for representation. I actually said it out loud at work. You may think that’s not a big deal to say but when it’s been my little secret for years…that’s massive. 
(You might be saying, we’ve know that you write for years. Yeah you might but they don’t!)
So there’s that little diddy. 
And with every sense of accomplishment, it starts the clock over for the next project. And I’ve been waiting for a year to start working on it. Yes, I could have started the moment I was hit with the idea but I wanted to let go of The Want (not entirely but close to 80%). That way I know I could give the 2nd one the attention it deserves. 

Guys, I’m excited for this one. 
This one, tentatively called Harry and Me, includes all the elements I love in a book but also time travel. Partly inspired by the ever so wonderful Doctor Who (can’t pick between 10 or 11). It’s a three part series and will be in the new adult genre. Even now, as I think about it, I get a bit giddy. My characters are awesome! #ButReally
And always, my characters will feature characters of color. Not to get on my soapbox but I do believe that I want to help foster a literary world where it will become normal to see other people of color on the covers of novels. 
And all the more props to me when I can say to my little girl or boy, “That’s my mummy’s book.” 
So that’s going on with me. There are other side projects I’ve also abandoned that will be picking back up. Third Times a Charm, I am talking about you! (I’m coming home)
There is this sense within that I am actually coming home. Back to my corner, with my laptop and my little table, exploring my dreams in written form. I didn’t realize it had been calling back until right about now. 
It feels like my mother is calling for me. 
Coming, mom!

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