How Pinterest Saved My Novel

Family, I gotta testify and tell YOU how Pinterest save my book, gave it a second life and raised it from the dead.

I’m getting ahead of myself so let me back up a bit. You see, when you have been working on something so hard and take a break from it, you can lose your initial vision. How you saw your characters, how you saw the world you created. It’s like a film that covers your eyes. Like sunglasses that are stuck to your ears and you can’t get them off without doing yourself much harm.

Well, family, I had some dark sunglasses on. I couldn’t get a handle on my protagonist. I started to forget my how evil my antagonist was. I was starting to forget how steamy the love connection between characters was. I was losing why my character would do certain things in certain places and I was losing why certain places did the things it did. And let me tell you that is the worst thing to happen to a writer. Sweat was pouring, itches broke out and panic was starting to come around the corner.


Pinterest gave it new breath. It came in and it saved me. It saved my female protagonists and it saved my male protagonist. It saved my scenery and it saved my minor characters. And you must be asking how did it do that? WEEELLLLL, I casted my characters. I finally put some faces to some names. The same way you might have a pinboard how to keep track of people and places, Pinterest became my roadmap. And it’s pretty fun too! I was like a casting director and began to interview actors to see who could do my characters justice. I could just imagine how I would act if I was actually in the room casting people!

Not mention everyone at one point thinks of how their novel would look on the Big Screen. Pinterest was my way of bringing it to reality. To make it a possibilty. To see how the cast would look like once my novel reached the ears of Hollywood. Don’t look at me funny – you know you’ve done it too! Come on now! 🙂

Family, Pinterest saw me in my panic and came in and save me. It picked me up and turned me around. And it set my feet back on solid ground! I’ll give you a look at what I did. It may not be entirely clear to you what and who exactly people are. But you can get a feel how much fun I had and how much it can really get your ideas together!

I just gotta thank God for giving the Founder of the Pinterest the idea. I don’t think I could’ve made through finishing my novel without it. If you are in a place where you need a refreshed look at your novel, use PINTEREST! Fabulous, Friendly and FREE!
I’m going to sit down and enjoy my pictures now,

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