Something Wicked This Way Comes

It’s not everyday that fantastic things happen that renews your invigoration for life. Or where a series of events breathes life back into the things that you hold dear. My friends, many great things have happened over the past couple of weeks that have lit a fire underneath my butt to fully seize my dreams of becoming a writer.

I believe that things happen for a reason. You can call it a divine plan or something written in the stars but there is some sort of master chain of events.
My reemergence came to being because of an email that I got from a friend who recently had a launch party for her Kickstarter campaign to fund her book. Now, it wasn’t necessarily feelings of jealousy poring through my pores that I thought, “Where the #$%$^ is my book?!” The email didn’t really register with me. All I knew that it was a party before a very busy week and I could totally use a drink and a time out. File that one for later…

Then another two weeks later, I get another email from my favorite people at Writer’s Digest for the Writer’s Digest Conference next month ( It immediately brought back memories from last year where I met fantastic people and saw the potential for a sale of my novel (which wasn’t completely finished then). I remembered the rush of getting the interested look, the people who were waiting to read my work, and fellow writers giving me encouragement. I remembered my desire to self-publish my book. I thought to myself, “By letting the world get in the way, I have denied myself true happiness.” I let another person cut in the middle of my dance with my dream. And the fact that the Writer’s Digest Conference had a Self-Publishing Portion just stoked my fire further. So I let my fingers do some walking on my keyboard.

Then I came across a wonderful article about Self-Publishers turning to Kickstarter to help fund their project. For me, it was the first time the word “Kickstarter” actually registered and I went into research mode. For the two days, I was obsessed. I wanted to launch my project immediately! (If you don’t know about Kickstarter, its a fantastic concept – crowdfunding. I’ll get into in another entry) I thought all the perks I would give away, how much it would cost to do to meet everything I needed, etc. This literally consumed me! But I was concerned.  Would I actually have enough people interested? Could I really get enough people interested to help fund this? Has it been too long?

Then magic number three event happened (things happen in three)! I came to find out that a friend was also a writer, so of course I told him of my ideas. Then he told me, “Well why don’t you try with Indiegogo? Whatever you make you get to keep.” WHAT the WHAT? How many more of these sites are there? The fire became an inferno. That night I stayed up late creating a video (which I will post) to help garner more attention for the site. Absolutely friggin wicked! (By the way, I know I know I am leaving things out here as to what exactly is the project. I’m doing that on purpose – gotta be on the lookout for more later!)

These three things have brought me back from the dead. They were small things – not necessarily earth-shattering but they were to me.  And I can honestly say I have never been more happy in trying to get this project out. With the craziness dying out of my life, I am actually able to focus on it. There are still edits to be done, before we really can get into the full blown campaign. BUT IT WILL HAPPEN WITHIN THE NEXT 2-3 MONTHS. I PROMISE YOU! BE ON THE LOOKOUT! 

My wicked plans are coming to fruition. Patience, patience my pet (MWAHAHAHAHA!)

Final thoughts: Whatever you are truly meant to do something, it will come back. It will never truly leave you. It may take a while to get though the clutter of your life but just like a boomerang, it will always come back to you.

Here is the video, amigos! Until next time!

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