Getting Back in the Game

Hey family,

You must be looking at me and saying…”Who are you again? Oh aren’t you that girl who disappeared like seven (7) months ago?”

As I hang my head in shame, I admit it – yes, I disappeared. But I did have good reasons! The move to NY, getting back into the school game and just getting used to the new lifestyle can really suck out a girl’s motivation to get back into the game.

But today, I can honestly say, I am fired up again! About everything! It was like this: Imagine you have the ability to eat you favorite ice cream everyday. And you do and you can’t get enough of it. But…then you do get enough it. You kinda have to put it back in the freezer, forget about it for awhile and then you realize how much you love it again. I’ve written about this before (Having An Arranged Marriage…With Your Work) and  I just needed to find my mojo again. With a couple of conferences coming up, the mojo is getting ready to go at it!

I will be posting more frequently in the next couple of months. I have big plans for the novel which I will announce in due time. I have not abandoned it! I’m getting back to it and getting back into the game!

Are you ready to rumble??

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