Friday’s Music: Summa Summa SummaTime!

Hey family, I haven’t done a Friday’s music post so with the sun shining and the birds chirping, I thought it was a good time as any to restart the fab tradition of going nuts on a Friday.

Now, I could make this about inspiration. I could make this about pulling part the lyrics of song and getting to the insightful way the lyricist portrays love and conflict. (Enter brooding face of concentration)


It’s just not one of those days.

It’s a “Pull out the Lawn Chair and Pitcher of Sangria” type of day. Doesn’t that just bring out the carefree days of Summer. I love summer, not just because it’s my birthday (7/11!) but there is an element of carefreeness that allows you to open up, explore and have fun in everything you do. Maybe because we are so used to having summers off back in school. But I’d like to think that summer continues to have that endless possibility. The possibility of a summer fling, of having adventure or just finding something about yourself you never knew before.

So with that, with summer fast approaching I thought it was fitting to bring out what I think is one of the many summer anthem: Will Smith’s Summertime. If you are able to have a glass outside, drink a cup for me (stuck in the office today!).

What song reminds you of summer? Start up a playlist that I will post every Friday for the summer!

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