Having an Arranged Marriage…with Your Work

Imagine this:

From a young age, you have always known that you were set to be with someone called “Dream Work.” You knew that you wanted to be with Dream Work because you had been told that it was perfect for you. And so as you go through life, you continue to grow but begin to forget that you are betrothed to Dream Work. That you will marry Dream Work and be happy. However, life gets in the way, priorities changes and as you age and mature, you begin to think that Dream Work wouldn’t work anymore. Sure it was something you had been told that you were perfect for it, but who really wants to be set for life before you could make a decision? You are a different person, you won’t be dictated to!

However, fate will set in and there is a chance meeting – you actually meet Dream Work.
Even though Dream Work would completely complicate the life you have set up to the n-th degree, you take a chance and you learn that they were absolutely right. Dream Work is perfect for you. But to be with Dream Work, it takes work. LOTS of work. So much work that you wonder whether it is worth the aggravation, the blood, sweat and tears it would take the get to the pinnacle that Dream Work could take you. Because Dream Work excites you, ticks you off, brings to the brink and over and its… overwhelming.

But then you think of the pinnacle. You think of the happiest, the sheer joy that you would experience being with Dream Work. The ecstasy that Dream Work and you could achieve.  You realize that you want. And you want it desperately. You want to be able to say on your death bed that you did everything not to deny yourself from the experience Dream Work could have provided to you. 

Everyone has this – someone someday told you were perfect for a particular thing. You explored it at first but then let’s say doubt came in. It was something that raise eyebrows or not particularly a “high paying job.”  Or don’t necessarily fit the image. Whatever it may be, you question. And you leave it as a childhood dream and think that you are so far removed from it.
I could tell you right now – you are not. 
Because if you had the chance to do the work that you have always wanted, you would do. And there is no reason to deny yourself. Because if you are perfect for it, you are perfect for it. No ands, ifs or buts about it! You were made to do it. To fight it would be fight an element of yourself. To remove a particular purpose. Everyone wants to find a purpose – a lifelong goal that you are meant to do. And it you have found it, shame on you for ignoring what God has set out for you. Because if anything, following Dream Work, taking that arranged marriage, could drastically change your life.

And its probably for the better.

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