When It’s Ok to "Two-Time" on Your Work

Several weeks ago, I wrote about the Dangers of Two-Timing Yourself. I had to laugh at myself because it was just so…ridiculous but true at the same time. I am going to take a different position, to play devil’s avocado (yes I know its advocate). This won’t be a really meaty piece but something I am doing that I wanted to share with you. 
Picture this: have you ever seen those mothers who are just WAY in love with the children?
I mean a mother should be love their child unconditionally but there are some mothers who just smother their children. Who just don’t when to back up and see what kind of person their child will become. They constantly hover over them, seeing what they need, providing and capitulating to their every whim. And you know who those children grow into right? Fools like this:


Sometimes it is healthy to take a step back from your “baby,” to give your “child” a chance to breathe and get some new life into it. When you have been putting blood, sweat and tears into a work, you tend to get really attached. So attached that you are not able to see that problems that it has. Such as a particular plot line, or a character or I would hate to think this but an entire premise needs to be changed. So it is healthy to maybe start another piece. Take your mind off of it for awhile to give you a new prospective on things. I have take a back seat to my novel – a novel I love and cherish but I’ve lost some passion for. I know I have it – I just need time to realize it. And today it’s starting to come back :). I’m remembering the characters I’ve created, the world I have sculpted and I am ready to tackle another draft of it. Trust me its amazing what you can come up with when you take a “break” and when you get back together…man the wonderful music you will make!

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