Fri’s Music: Females In Charge, Betta Recognize!

So as you may or may not know, I love music (:gasp: enter sarcastic comment here). I use music to get an idea on how I would like a character to act in a certain situation. Lately I’ve been on ‘90s kick – mainly R&B. I was going through my iPhone and started playing all these I guess now considered “old school” hits and I realized that the ‘90s female artists made it a point to really talk about the stuff they were or weren’t going to deal with anymore. Sure we had Gloria Gayner’s “I Will Survive” (a pioneer in the “I don’t give crap anymore” movement) but I think, at least for me, that the ‘90s was a point where ladies got real.
Take for instance, Salt n’ Peppa’s “Push It,” or Xscape’s “Just Kickin’ It” or KP & Envyi’s “Shorty Swing My Way.” All great songs, all songs were the girls let the fellas know who actually is in control. This attitude has bled into a culture where women aren’t simply swooning as the man has his way and rips off the bodice. Things have turn to where ladies are seducers – humbling a man far enough where he is begging on his knees. Their attitude and power has placed them into a position where they don’t have a problem wielding the strength they have. Don’cha love it, girls? J
In light of International Women’s Day (a day late but in the spirit), I want to give props to the songs that gave us gumption to go out and bag the man we wanted. Or to tell that guy go jump off the bridge to nowhere. Or some other snappy comeback. These are songs you heard that you want to jump up and belt it. Because it was exactly what you dying to say! And if you haven’t heard them before, jump on the “I don’t give a crap anymore” movement. There’s always room for more!
1.      Destiny Child’s – No, No, No
2.      Mary J. Blige – Not Gon’ Cry
3.      Mary J. Blige – No More Drama
4.      TLC – Creep
5.      En Vogue – Don’t Let Go
6.      Robin S. – Love for Love

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