The Dangers of Two-Timing….Myself

Imagine this scene:

I say softly, “Wow, you are so exciting! I would really like to spend some time with you, New Idea.”
“Hey! What are you doing! We’re not finished yet!” First Idea screams, stomping its foot.
I do a double take, realizing what it looks like. “No, wait! I can explain. I can handle both!”
“Look, its either me or New Idea. You can’t have both!”
It is a danger I think all artistic people face – one day you’re working on a project when a new exciting idea comes along, with its new dips and turns and drama. Your mind starts cranking, making you want to start working on it immediately. The siren call of New Idea – its allure into a new unknown, a new spot of pleasure that only you can fully explore. A world that you have yet to discover and tell the world about.
But then there is First Idea that you fell in love with that you have been working months on tirelessly.
And you still may new avenues to go seek out, change up. But the problem is it’s not new anymore. You have been with it for so long, you think you need a break. Maybe sometime with New will rekindle what you have with First. Then you realize you sound like any other cheater in a relationship.
Can anyone say No-Good Two-Timer?? Yes!! And I’m SORRY! :sniff:
Fam, this not the first time I have found myself in this position. Before my current novel, I had…another. It’s a fantastic tale, mixing the tales of Persia and kindred spirits, reincarnation and soul-long quests that stay with you until it’s done. Great, great idea. And I started drafting it. But…the idea for the Balancer came along…and I put my Persia tale to side, saying “I’ll get back to this one later.” Have I yet…(hang my head in shame)…
I know, I’m AWFUL!
COMMITMENT – a word that ladies clamor for but I can’t seem to muster that for my own tales.  It is a struggle that I find myself lamenting to you now.  So, what is the lesson? Commitment is a word that anyone must hold dear if they ever want to finish anything worthwhile! If you want to complete anything in life, wait until the work is done first. Then you can move on the next one.
It seems really rudimentary for me to say that but a truth nonetheless. Imagine the fulfillment you’ll feel once you have completed your first project to then be able to say to the New Idea, “I can give you my full attention and finish you so good, there’ll be nothing left to start with.” (If that sound sexy, it was intentional)
OR…if you think you are that good, you can try and juggle two projects at once. Spending one hour with First, another hour with New. But you will tend to see that your attention will begin to wane and you will countdown the time until you can get to New before you altogether don’t even bother with First anymore.
Don’t be like me. Don’t forget First. Don’t become a habitual Two-Timer with your work. Stay with it until its end. I’m starting a new leaf today. What about you – what unfinished work do you have stored away? Don’t you think it’s calling to you?

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