You Got Moves Like Adele, No Joke!

With the recent shock wave reverberating with the death of Whitney Houston (not ready to talk about it), it was a breath of fresh air to see Adele win a rocking 6 Grammys last night. Such a talent was able to really shine through, all because of a “rubbish” relationship that left her for dead. Not physically, but it rocked her enough that friends and family prodded her to pick up the pieces of her heart. 

In her adversity and pain, she put it all out on paper. Everything. Every emotion, every pit of anger, resentment, depression, and sadness. But the last song on her 21 album, Someone Like You, is my personal favorite because it is evidence of her realization that she can do better. That she is using her angst brought on by her ex-boyfriend for her benefit. To show him and the world – I am better than this. I am Adele, doggone it and I am so over you.
Don’t you think the ex-boyfriend is piss mad somewhere? 🙂 Stupid wanker…(hehehe wanker..)
But I think it’s a lesson that we can all learn from. We all fall. We are human. To err is to be human. But it is in the face of adversity and how you deal with it that defines you. For Adele, to overcome her pain she wrote songs. It was her release. And it is possible that the pain wasn’t immediately gone. But it was process.  But the theme of the 21 album was I am better than this.
Trust me, family. I am not sitting from a lofty high chair looking down and just giving running commentary about things. I have enough scrapped knees, bruises and knocks to the head to show you how human I am. But this is me dealing with adversity.
For me, writing has been an immense release. When I was going through a particular hard struggle of trying to figure out I was doing with my life, writing became my anchor. My escapism and my coping mechanism. I write about characters that have great struggles and need to find their way. And what is great about it is that they eventually find what they are looking for!  And I thank God every day for giving me something that can show me that no matter what happens, things will get better!
And even though I am now in a pretty good period in my life, I still hold on my struggles and writing and appreciate it all the more. Because I hope one day that my writing, my stories will be an escape for someone else who just needs a break from their lives.
Whatever you chose to do or have, it is important to remember to it should uplift you, not destroy you. If your anchor has the potential to bring you to another devastating situation, it is not an anchor. You are still floating towards the proverbial black hole. Find something rooted within yourself that can allow you to stand when the garbage is being chucked at you. But you do have moves like Adele J. Everyone does.

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