Friday’s Music: I’m Great, Wanna Fight About It?

In the spirit of my last blog entry about Haterade Drinkers (if you missed that, check it out here), I been playing some great “I’m Great, Wanna Fight About It?” music. You know, “Eye of the Tiger,” “We Will Rock You,” “I’ve Got the Power,” and others. Just songs that remind you that you are fantastic, marvelous and just plain a fighter (or scrapper, you pick! If you want a good list you can check out this site. They got some good ones!).

But then one that I gets me so amped(!) is Nicki Minaj’s “Moment 4 Life.”

Her lyrics pretty much sums up what I’m feeling or least what I will be feeling once I get this novel and/or series published. Remember speak your goals into existence! Don’t let anyone or anything including yourself bring you  down from what excites you the most. Sometimes we are our worst critic and you need to beef yourserlf up with good energy and people around you will lift you up. You have a glorious purpose in life – find it and own it. And if something makes you delirious happy, excited and all about ready to jump for joy, you don’t need to ask yourself “What am I supposed to do?” You are already found it. 

The question you should be asking yourself is “Am I ready to go for it? No matter what the cost?”

And your answer of course will be a resounding YES! 🙂 If you ever need a pep-talk or just something uplifting to get you out of your funk, email me at kjcristina711 at gmail dot com. Sometimes you need that – a cheerleader in your corner!

Ok, Ok. Enough of this – let’s pump the jam up!

And some more for your viewing pleasure…. Eye of the Tiger! I always get ready to fight and throw some punches at any “anti-MEs!” (Blame Rocky for that one)

Until next time! Stay pumped!

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