A Letter to my "Haterade Drinkers"

Have you ever had someone be so constantly negative in your life? They are what I like to call “Haterade Drinker.”  What is Haterade? It’s something that they are drinking that causes them to burp up unnecessary and destructive things.
I mean things could be going so well for you and you could be on top of the world, but a “Haterade Drinker” will come out of the blue and take the wind out of sails? It is especially difficult if you are close to the alleged “Haterade Drinker”  – you have enough curses to say to them that it would make a sailor blush. But out of respect, you don’t. You swallow your anger and you try to keep it moving.
WELL NO MORE. Everyone has ONE “Haterade Drinker” in their life. And it is time to take a stand and say what is on your mind. And it’s time to stop wasting energy on them!
To all my fellow writers, authors, wordsmith, whatever…I am sure you have come across this at least at one point in your writing profession. And if you are like me where you have a day job but turn to writing, I’m sure you have had someone say something negative about you seeking something outside of your job.
I have thought of a solution for all of you! I have penned a nice little letter to those “Haterade Drinkers.” Feel free to use it as you like and adapt to your situation. Here we go. (ahem ahem)
Dear Haterade Drinker(s):

I hope this letter find you well. Because I am about to bring you down a notch. I may not know you personally. Or maybe I do. It is hard to tell nowadays with your unsavory comments. And it’s very clear that you know nothing about me. Your constant tearing down and lashing words to my desired profession is not needed or wanted. If you did know me, you would understand that this makes me happy. Even if I may groan and whine about it, it is a joy to me. Just as it appears to be a joy for you to have vicious and disgusting words of degradation drip out of your mouth like a slobbering mangy dog.

So here’s what we are going to do. I am tired of your mouth and since I can’t put a muzzle on you like I would like, we are going to meet in the middle. You are going to keep your low self-esteem comments that you clearly are projecting on me to yourself and I will a) not beat your face in (a clear and current frontrunner); b) not slap a restraining order on you; and c) continue to treat you like a human being that I can tolerate.

Now if we are friends, I value our friendship enough to write this letter to you. If I didn’t, I would have said the hell with you, would’ve have told you to kick rocks and said peace out. But again, the threats to wring your neck are not meant to be hurtful (emotionally) but it’s because I care. So again, let us meet in the middle and I promise I won’t create a character in my next book (yes, there will be another book) where they uncannily look like you and die a vicious death.

I hope I have brought enough thought nuggets for you to munch on. If you have any constructive things to say, I am all ears. But until then, SHUT IT DOWN. I have things to do!

All the best,
(your name)
I hope that this helps you in some way or another. Or if you just get a kick out of it, that’s great too! But let me know, especially to my fellow writers, do you have a “haterade drinker” in your midst? How do you deal with them?
‘Til next time!

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