Friday’s Music: Beautiful and Eternal Soundtrack!

So with any imaginative design or idea, you wonder what it would look like in real life. It’s not any different with a novel. The real life would be a movie :). Trust me, I’ve had a full-on list of who I would list as my leading man and lady (that’s for another day). BUT, with any movie, the soundtrack is crucial as well. Which brings me to today’s music – I’ve picked two because I can’t really decide which one I like better. I could save one for next week…but I’m impatient….So enjoy two!

1) Chris Brown’s Beautiful People – I chose this because I see this in one of two ways. There is a particular scene that I have my leading man and lady go out into Boston’s nightlife. For some reason I see this playing in the background during some dialogue. The second being at the end of the movie, where the story is coming to an end (or is it? MWHAHA) and it kinda fades out on this happy optimistic note.

2) William Joseph’s Within – Now this pick is a little outside of what you would know (but if you do know it, 50 billion brownie points for you!). Your soundtrack has to be able to convey a mood. A emotion to going along with the drama and action that is being expounded. I picked this song because it conveys a sense of mischief but intrigue. Whimsical yet strong. It has a waltz-like tone to it but the percussion underneath it gives it a modern flair. I see this happening during a reactionary moment for my leading lady. Where she finally realizes something and just guns it! An awakening that is deep, scary and fulfilling at once.

Sorry, this post came out a bit longer than originally planned. But just as words can be a doorway to expression, music follows the same and familiar path. Listen to them and tell me what you think of my choices! Atypical? Strange?

What would your own personal soundtrack sound like?

2 thoughts on “Friday’s Music: Beautiful and Eternal Soundtrack!

Add yours

  1. I LOVE this post! You have inspired me for sure. I definitely have my list of songs/artists I'd pick to go with a movie made on my most recent YA novel (if only). It would feature a song by The Script, something similar to their songs Breakeven, The Man Who Can't Be Moved, or For the First Time. Mine is a sentimental story, so some background instrumental music by Debrah Lurie would be a dream, too! I might just have to put together a list and post mine, too, someday if you don't mind me using your post idea. Neat blog, Kristina! 🙂 – Lo


  2. Thanks Laura! I love the Script and I could easily put Breakeven on repeat for half day. A full day might be pushing it abit :). I'll have to check out Debrah Lurie but I have to tell you I usually play something like that in the background while I write and it sometimes inspires a different take on a scene. Man, I love music! lol. Sure, go ahead and use it! Just remember to let you know readers about me! I just visited your blog and became a member. Looking forward to more posts!


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