7 YESes was the Name of Game; Free Giveaway too!

I’ve returned from the ever wonderful Writer’s Digest Conference  2012. All fantastic thought but first what’s the magic number?

You know why? I had 7 agents say that they are interested in seeing my work. Seven is absolutely my favorite number (the fact that I was born in the 7th month has no…ok it has some bearing on it. But not all!)
Ok, let me back up. Kris, how was the conference?
It was fabulous! Met some amazing authors like myself, trying to breaking into the business, writing as if it was the only thing keeping them sane in this crazy place called life. It was so refreshing to find others who thought books, fiction was one of the greatest gifts God could ever give us. Within hours of meeting each other, we were helping each other out, perfecting our pitchs to agents.
The speakers were fantastic – two absolutely favorites Donald Maass and Chris Baty (founder of NaNoWriMo). Maass knows exactly how to bring out the best of ideas out of you. After literally 20 minutes, I thought of a brand new hook and twist for my novel (working on furiously now). I have been told Maass is a big deal….well he kinda is. 
Baty was just a great speaker – no need for lofty, I know better attitude. Just in-your-face, I’ve been there, I am there, gun it type of attitude. I loved it and I can’t wait to read his up and coming projects!
Ok back to the agents. Yes, 7 agents have expressed interest in reading my materials. I won’t discuss who they are but I just giddy that my idea is sell-able. Now I just need to finish, edit, pass it to my review group, edit again, edit a third time and then possibly send it in by …oh let’s say first week of April? That sounds about right. 
If you have been keeping up with me, you must be thinking, um…NaNoWriMo kicked your butt. What makes you think you can do all that? WHY???
I  tell you why…because I am completely invigorated. Because I literally cannot stop daydreaming about my book. Because I have people on my ass looking for work if it is not delivered on time. I always seem to do better when people are expecting something from me. 
1. If you ever have a chance to go to any writing conference (especially with Writer’s Digest) do it!
2. Find people like you who will keep you focus and offer you help. Their help will be instrumental in your success. As much as we like to think we can do everything on our own, it makes it a much better experience with others beside you!

I mentioned that Donald Maass is absolutely a God-send to anyone trying to write. Well as an author of many books helping the wayward author, his absolute best is The Breakout Novelist
All four of his pivotal books in one. FIRST PERSON to leave a comment I will send them a copy free of charge.
Ok…back to work!! 🙂

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