What Makes a Book Hot?

I fell across an interesting blog this morning, rachellegardner.com (great information on getting an agent) and in her latest entry, she talked about what makes a book good, great or hot.

“With a hot project, the agent can immediately think of several editors who would like it. It doesn’t need much editing or reworking. The proposal is nicely done and doesn’t need to be rewritten. The author appears to have long-term potential. This project looks like a sure thing. It’s also likely that other agents are considering it.

Making good business decisions means we jump on hot projects. Other projects… those we like but they aren’t hot… usually have to wait until we have more time to assess them, and more carefully weigh the likelihood of selling this project and how much time it might take.

A project that’s very good (or even great in some respect) may still present challenges. The genre might be tough to sell right now. The market might already be glutted with that particular kind of book. If it’s fiction, it might show incredible potential but still need a lot of work. The agent has to weigh whether they’re able to put that kind of work into an author, or whether they need to recommend they get their writing up a notch, then come back. If it’s non-fiction, the idea and the writing might be stellar, but the author might have a small or non-existent platform, meaning a lot more work to sell it, plus a bigger chance that it won’t sell at all.

Now I would like to think that the 3 book series I am working on is a pretty good thing. But I know I am treading unknown waters. I have no idea what is really considered a sure or hot thing. I would like to think that my epic paranormal romance book will appeal to a wide audience, young adults and adults alike.
I would like to think that my main female character will resound with readers and they will understand her fear, trepidation and fascination with this new world she embarks on – a world that encompasses her destiny.
I would like to think that my main male character will curl readers’ toes from his virile masculinity, his depth and his staunch protection of the main female character; that they will be fascinated that that even after death, the soul wages battle within itself constantly, keeping itself from falling into further darkness.
I would like to think that readers will like to see a new view of what really happens when you die, what are the truths to what others have guessed and how they will be able to make their own imaginative assessment.
I WOULD like to think that my writing will elicit all these things…But that just might be me. The test will be this Saturday at the Writer’s Digest Conference in New York. I’ll be able to pitch my work. I guess the worst thing to come out of this would be no one bites on my bait.
But then again, as they say, if you knock and no one answers….KICK THE DOOR DOWN…or something to that effect. I may have taken liberties with that last one.
Oh…if you were wondering how’s my progress…progress is progress J. Until til next time!

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