Too Little, Too Late?; Writer’s Conference in NYC

It has been about 12 days since “The Balancer” (working title for now) didn’t make the cut for NaNoWriMo. Yes, yes, sad sad, blah blah.

Remember how my main lament was that the ideas just weren’t coming? Well wouldn’t you know, my Muse decided to come back from vacation and pop in and say, “Hey why not this?” or “That would be awesome if you did this?” or “THAT WOULD BE OF EPIC PROPORTIONS IF YOU DID THAT!!”

Yes, my muse screams when she gets excited. Doesn’t yours?

But I am torn – I had wanted all this last month! When I was specifically carving out time to write and to flourish and get ready for January.

Oh, what’s January you ask? Well in January, I will be attending my first Writer’s Conference hosted by Writer’s Digest. It is my chance to approach some 60 agents in hopes of getting great feedback and schmoozing and all that jazz.

So here’s the dilemma. How can I approach any agent without anything to show for? Sure, I know what exactly I am going to write but I DO NOT want the conversation to go like this?

Me:….(just finished explanation/pitch). What do you think?

Agent: That sounds like a fantastic series. I can definitely see the marketability and I would love to get a read through. Is it ready?

Me: Ugh…well about that…it’s not quite there yet.

Agent: What’s not quite there?

Me:…..Like major revisions not quite there yet.


(Both Charlie Brown depictions do justice as to what I would be feeling).

So it seems that I am amidst another scramble to finish (or at least 75% ) Book 1. I want more than anything to ensure that my money is being well spent for this conference.

So let’s see what we can do! Novel in Month, Take 2!


Anyone attending this conference? January 20-22 at the Sheraton New York Hotel! I’d love to hear from anyone attending. I’m going solo but wouldn’t mind a buddy! Let me know!

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