NaNoWriMo: Post Week 1; Writer’s Conference


Yea… This is what I should be feeling, exhausted but invigorated. Heavy but light. Drained but completed. All those opposite words. The reality of it….not so much.

Couple of things I have figured out this past week.

I have a lot of ideas, but not enough time to put them down on paper. My supposed schedule went out the window with work, family and other stuff came into play. Out of the 10K words I should have down on paper, I only have a little more than half.


So Week 2 is all about tweaking what needs to be tweaked, running away from all other things and locking myself in some Panera Bread somewhere and getting work done.

Hopefully I will have redeemed myself this week – cross my fingers.

In other news, I have decided to attend my first Writer’s Conference (the crowd cheers).

I’ll be attending the Writer’s Digest Conference in January in NYC. Really excited about the networking that will be taking place, learning more about the craft and getting some pointers from agents and publishers attending.

But before I can really use it to its full potential, this bloody manuscript needs to get done!!

Sigh…Ok..I’m going.

Words of encouragement are always welcome. I’ve told my other readers that it gives me the mojo to keep going!

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