NaNoWriMo in 1 WEEK! New Book Synopsis Inside!!

This is it…one week from today….

I will be embarking on a journey never taken….by me that is…

I will be writing an entire novel from scratch starting next Tuesday…

Do you know how excited I am? Oh let me tell you… I have gone crazy with reference books, name books, schedules, research in the name of writing this new book.

Shall I give you a synopsis…. Should I…. yea, sure why not?

🙂 Ok! I don’t have a title for it yet but here it goes.

“As a child, Katya Stevens always had a gift – a gift to see spirits, the unknown, things not of this world. But due to familial pressure, she locked it away, never to be opened again. But at the age of 24, destiny would have other ideas for her when she is suddenly thrust together with Gregor, a sexy 600 year old Scottish Kyrios – a harbinger of Death. When her gift begins to activate in strange ways in response to odd events, Katya finds herself in a pact with Gregor and the rest of the Kyrios to find out the true extent of her powers. Powers that might be the only way to save the world of the Living from total annihilation.”

That’s a little taste of it. I was thinking of how the caption would look like in the back of the book once published.

Yes I said it – published. Sometimes you must speak things into existence in order for it to be happen. Anyway, I am super excited about this. I’m even waking up and finding myself writing notes down from my dreams. All of them related to the novel.

What do you think of the synopsis? Would you read something like that? I have a theory about the fascination with Death but they will be for another time. Tell me what you think!!!

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