Experiencing Life = Stories

These past five days I learned something great. You ready?

Life…is awesome.

You could be saying, “wow, are you just learning this now? How is this blog worthy?”

Well, hold your horses and I’ll tell you.

I have always enjoyed watching sports but never really took the opportunity to be a spectator in the bleachers so to say. So I made the conscious effort to be in the stands for a college football game and two Major League baseball games these past five days. It also included going out and meeting people.

And it was friggin’ electric! I mean just being there with the crowd, singing and dancing. Having beer with your friends. Yelling at the referee or umpire for dumb calls. Yelling at the players for their stupidity. That’s just a good time, that’s enjoy your life. And you get to meet people. For instance, just yesterday I got the privilege of making on the Fenway Park jumbotron twice and upon leaving the park I was immediately recognized. There you go – new friends, another story.

But the more thought-provoking point is about the story that I have now. Sometimes we failed to remember that we are characters in this story called life. And so many times we simply watch others experience life for what it could be instead of doing it ourselves.

That’s not interesting. That’s not captivating. No one wants to hear that kind of story.

People want to hear about the crazy time you did this. Or that amazing time you had there. Or just to hear about the people you meet. You may not even realize this but your life really is a novel. It is a novel you will be telling your kids and grandkids about. I think we can all agree the whole “I walked 5 miles in the snow barefoot” bit is outplayed. Be the character you want to read about. Be the character where people get involved in and say “Wow, what else happened?”

This new revelation just boggles me and I have such a new appreciation for life. So I’m making my life story as interesting as the characters that I create.

I think I owe to myself.

Don’t you?

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