Redemption – Good Story Theme?

One of the greatest and heart-felt stories you ever read about are the down and out for the count characters who make a miraculous comeback. The prodigal son, so to speak. And even if you were to completely disagree with their previous actions or if what they have said or done, at the comeback you want nothing more to applaud and shout “Welcome Back!”

In every story, a character can’t be perfect. They just can’t. That’s not real. You can’t relate to a perfect character. Even the tall, dark, handsome character who ladies swoon over has some sort of sordid past. The only question in creating characters like that is how far can you go? How far can you bring your character down before they come off villainous or just plain out evil?

Here’s a real life example – Whitney Houston. The reason I bring her up is because I just recently found a video of her performing of at the BET Celebration of Gospel.

It truly is a great video. The emotion fills the room as they watched this beautiful singer who had been pretty much written off as a lost cause by most people rose beyond expectations and was able to find her voice again (literally and figuratively). That is a wonderful story – when you think where she has been and where she has come from!

Then there are those who have just gone too far. Absolutely deplorable acts that can’t be forgiven.

What do you do to make you unforgivable? Murder? Even those who kill can be forgiven. Kill multiple times? Sell drugs?

Very interesting thought – I’d love to hear what you think. How far can you go before you can’t come back? Shouldn’t everyone be able to make a come back?

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