Today’s Atypical Music: Bastille Day

I am  all about breaking the norm. Reaching new heights. Not being so…typical. I think Today’s Atypical Music choice definitely highlights that.

Beautiful, just breathtakingly beautiful. The swells of the music, the romantic notes of the violin and the intermingling of the orchestra. How does this not reach you? I can think of so many different scenes that could play out to this particular song.

As a writer, you want to create something like this. Where your readers literally fall in love with the scene, the characters. That their hearts swell with emotion and get so caught up in the character’s turmoil, anger or bliss.

Everytime I hear this song, I can feel every emotion imaginable. I want to do that with my characters. With my stories. With my novels.

Sigh…it feels like a tall order. But I think the more that I listen to music like this and transfer the feelings of the song into my characters, it won’t as difficult as I imagine.

I hope that I opened your eyes to some atypical music. Maybe you should ask yourself – does the music you currently listen to doing anything for you? Shouldn’t it be more than just beats, or even words?

What do you think? I’d love to hear your thoughts on this song.

Enough of my prattle and romanticism 🙂 Enjoy you day!

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