I Want My Kisses Back Blog

An interesting post about courtship in America. It got me to thinking… is this the reason why sometimes romantic books and movies are so appealing to women?

Because the men that are created on the page and screen are nothing like the men that we see in our immediate world?
As an author, I have to truly understand what do possible readers want to read about? Are they looking for the ideal man? Or for male readers, the ideal woman?
Ideal – isn’t that a bit boring though? Where’s the drama? Where’s the excitement in that?
I guess this is where the two ideas -Courtship/Idealism vs. The Real come apart. As a woman, I absolutely believe that courtship should be a vehicle where a man and woman come together with respect (for each other) come into play.
As an author, I need my characters to have depth. To have that possibility of idealism but unable to fully achieve it because of a fatal flaw, or just many small flaws.
The blog is an interesting piece and I am interested in what other topics will be discussed. I can’t wait to juxtapose to whether it is realistic in the real world and in the fiction world.

I Want My Kisses Back: Courtship is dying………no maybe it’s dead:???

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