What to come up with?

What to come up with?

Inspiration. Such a fleeting thing. There are times when things are coming out of nowhere, idea after idea and you don’t have the energy or the time to write down everything you’ve been given from up above.
Then other times, you are drier than Sahara Desert. You got zilch. Nada. Zip. Zero.

Can you guess where I am right now?

Some background is in order. I’ve been writing this story for about several months now. Nothing for publication, it’s simply to get my feet wet and see if I could write something of novel length. And so far I’m at just about the 60,000 word mark (fantastic!). I’ve even posted it online and gotten some followers/readers, ever ready for the next chapter.

But now it seems like I’ve hit a dead end. I know where I need to be at the end of the story. But I’ve lost transition. It’s like I’ve lost my mojo. Like Dr. Evil and Mini-me left me to rot by myself.

Then I began to ask myself, where can I get some mojo? Maybe a trip is in order. …Yea that just ended up with me going out around Cape Cod and leaving ideas back at the cottage.

Maybe reading other materials, stories, or the like will pull out my inner editor out. …Yea that just ended up with me enjoying the stories and the editor taking a fiesta.

Now I’m about a couple of days late with my next installation with nothing and grumbling in the shower to myself, when BAM! it hits me. Well it was more like tangent into tangent into another tangent, but then BAM it hit me!

Finally know where to go! Thinking on it now, I’ve had my first writer’s block. Kind of a milestone I guess. I’ve never had something frustrate me to no end but couldn’t be abandoned for something else either. My story (which I might put up here at one point or another) has become a friend in a sense. All the characters have “lives” and they deserve an ending.

I guess this bout of writer’s block was to show me persistence is going to be key in getting what I want out of this.

So, I’ll raise a toast to writer’s block: May you visit periodically but leave quickly.

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