OK! …Where Do We Go From Here?

One of the most amazing things that we have been blessed with on this earth is imagination. The ability to think and see things beyond your immediate realm. To take leaps and bounds beyond any limitation your body may have. To push past barriers others may have placed in front of you. I thank God everyday that I am such an airhead. Airhead in the most endearing way of course. Take me anywhere and I am already somewhere else. However… sometimes it can take us places we might have wanted to go. Kinda like the unnecessary stop to Kansas on a flight to Hawaii. Let me explain…

As I have said before, I am an avid reader of fiction. I’ve pretty much have touched every genre there is. Romance, sci-fi, supernatural, fantasy, action, suspense…the list could go on forever. And I see myself tapping into about everything. I am brimming with ideas that are screaming, Take me there! I want to go first! I’m the best!.
But for someone who initially didn’t make it their life goal to be a published writer, the question that needs to be asked. Ok, you have ideas. Now what?
I may not know what exactly to do, but something tells I should just start writing. Plan, outline and write.
But I’m a lawyer, and that seemed to be too easy to be true. Let’s do some research first, shall we? Research I can definitely do. Before I knew it, I was bombarded with books on How to Write Fiction, Fiction for Dummies, So You Want to Write a Novel, and whatever laffy-taffy title you could think of. Then I learned that no one will take you seriously until you’ve had some publishing underneath your belt…Does writing for law review count? No?…Ok…The research continued…who would give a nobody a chance to write? What do they want to read? Are my ideas any good for this? What in blazes do I have to create?…THEN it hit me.
I’m in Dungeons and Dragons. 
Before I lose you, hear me out. From what I know of the game (which isn’t much), from the very beginning, you hit these doors or quests and have to make choices as to where you will go. Where you begin will dictate where you end up. I don’t whether the creators of D&D meant this but it’s actually pretty philosophical. Choices you make dictate how you end your journey. But I think the most crippling thing is harboring on whether you are choosing the right door. The point should be JUST GO! No matter what the door may be, you need to move forward. 
So that’s me. Here I am, in the whatever eflin costume (with pointy ears), and I am just staring at the door because I don’t know what is the best way to get in. For a moment, I forgot who I was. I am me, doggone it! I’ll kick in whatever door that’s in front of me if I want to finish and get publish! I might have the “author-baddies” tell me wrong way or have “fire-breathing agent-dragons” telling me I’m stupid (liking the analogies?).
But no matter what, I’m just going to get in, my way with my thoughts. 
So I’m just going to start writing. My ideas are calling to me. It’s about time I answered them.

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