And It Starts…You Think You Know a Guy…

A line from one of my favorite Disney movies, the Lion King. It’s the part where Timon and Pumba walk away in shock after Simba sends them away to discuss with Nala kingdom matters. Believing that they knew everything about Simba, to be sent on the merry way was enough for them to start questioning, who is this guy? I mean sure we’ve lived with him for god knows how long, but do we really know him?

Can you believe it I am my own Timon? To think I actually I want to write a novel. Not just any old novel or one novel but several novels! It’s amazing when you finally start clearing the clutter in front of your eyes that you begin to see what really makes you tick. What really makes you smile. What really makes places you in that utter bliss.

For me, it has become writing. Or is this really a recent occurrence?

Since I can remember, I have had the most torrid love affair with books. Fiction. The stories that can take you from your mundane existence to different worlds. Worlds you were taught never existed and never would. Worlds and characters that only existed in dreamlike fantasies. Characters you wished from the deepest parts of your soul could be in front of you and interact with you. Everything the real world told you became non-existent with the story before. That story was the only truth you needed.

Some of the best afternoons and nights I have had have been with a toe-curling, gut-wrenching, breathtaking, eyes-popping book.

Sure, it sounds like something completely orgasmic, but a GOOD book can do that. Imagine the imagery words can illicit. The feelings that can swell in your heart. The sense of justice that can take root in your mind. That’s what a good book can do. Turn your entire world upside down.

Is it amazing that people get to do that everyday? That people can draw up the power of fiction writing and change mindsets, change lives? Can you believe that simply with words, someone’s life can be turned for the better? Get you to smile? Make you laugh or cry?

That, my friends, is my love affair with fiction. It constantly kneads my heart, massages my soul and enlightens my mind. It feeds my desires and enraptures my attention from beginning to end. And the best part? It happens over and over again with each book. Each book comes its own experience, its own passion, its own joy.

Again, I’ve always been the avid reader. My imagination knows no bounds and I have finally realized that I can’t be alone feeling the way I do. Why not impart my passion to others who love to have the same experience I do?

So it starts…The “no-nonsense fact” lawyer by day becomes the fantasty-romance-suspense budding author by night.

Hmmm….You think you know a Girl…

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